Package of 5 Southwest Ranchero Day Bags! These are all unique and will not be the same, they cannot be customized because hides and saddle blanket assortments are always different. But they will always be unique and slighty different which is a great thing for your customers! Our Ranchero Day Bag is 12x12 with a wool saddle blanket front only. The backside is made of a black fabric and the interior is fully lined with black fabric as well. These have no interior pockets but will feature unique cowhide flaps from hair on hide or rustic leathers. They may have fringe/conchos/embellishments featured on the flaps, 

They strap is made of a cotton/nylon soft material. 

(Pack Of 3 Southwest Ranchero Day Bag)

  • These are all handmade depending on materials instock please request turn around time via email: 

    average turn around time 2-3weeks. 

  • These purses are terrible about catching hair from the cowhide flaps also because they are mostly black fuzz,hair and other dust particals tend to show up easily. 

    LINT ROLLERS! These work amazing on these bags and remove all hair/fuzz or any other visible items. This is personally what i use to clean up the bags after assembly; they are cheap and affective.